William Shrewsbury Primary School

Policies and Documents

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Equalities Objectives

We are committed to meeting our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 eliminate discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity for all members of our school community.

Within our School Development Plan, we include specific and measurable equality objectives. These are kept under review and progress is reported on annually.

Objectives for 2021-22:

To continue to develop modelling and scaffolding strategies to support SEND and vulnerable learners to make good progression in the key areas appropriate for their stage of development.
To ensure that there is a golden thread throughout planning and implementation in order that we narrow the gaps created by Covid-19 for vulnerable learners.
To implement additional strategies to support the emotional wellbeing of our vulnerable learners so that they are ready to learn effectively.
We aim to ensure that our school, it’s grounds and communication, is accessible for all.

Further information can be found in the following school policies which can be found below:

Equality Policy

Accessibility Policy