William Shrewsbury Primary School

Knowledge Mats

Embedding knowledge into the long term memory is an essential part of the learning process. Research shows that our brains remember things more efficiently when we know the 'bigger picture' and can see the way that chunks of knowledge within that subject area link. Making links helps information move into our long-term memory - the more you know, the more you learn - which helps children gain a deeper understanding over time.

Knowledge Mats are a key tool to ensuring that this happens. One of the main benefits of Knowledge Mats is they give children the overview of a topic, subject area or specific concepts. A Knowledge Mat contains core knowledge that a child needs to know, and will acquire, throughout a learning theme, topic or unit of learning in a particular subject.

Our Knowledge Mats outline the essential 'sticky' knowledge that the teachers will be covering across a unit of work including dates, famous figures, vocabulary, definitions and other important information. 

The Knowledge Mats will help the children to re-visit the knowledge that has been and will be learned, helping to transfer knowledge from your child's short term to long-term memory. We would love for the children to be able to recall all of the 'Key Facts' on the Knowledge Mats, as well as be able to discuss the skills that they have learned within the context of each unit of work. During lessons, the children will take part in re-cap activities that help stretch their long-term memory and develop their recall of key information for each unit of work.

At home, you may want to use the Knowledge Mats as a basis for carrying out further research, revisit and support your child's learning or as a stimulus for an arts and crafts activity. They may also act as a handy prompt for asking the question, 'What did you do at school today?'

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